We know how difficult it can be to manage a care home safely and efficiently. At Pharmacy Corner Online, we make your life easier by providing a personal service tailored toward the needs of your care home. We provide an excellent level of service by following a set of simple practices that benefit the staff, the residents as individuals and the care-home as a whole.

Why choose our care home service?

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Equipment Loan

We will review and assess the current set-up you have in place and in compliance with Health and Social Care legislations. After discussing the needs of the care-home we will provide the specific equipment required at no cost.

MAR Charts

Our MAR charts have been designed to make life easier for your staff they include:

• Detailed Colour Printing
• Images of the medication to enable easy identification
• Additional safety measures for high risk drugs
• Clear instructions for staff

This ensures that your staff are operating safely and clear audit trails are available to demonstrate that the home is operating to the highest standards. We are also able to help you setup and manage an eMAR system that is compatible with the MultiMeds system to provide an exceptional all-round service that will ensure your care home runs more smoothly and efficiently than ever before.

Training Requirments

We at Pharmacy Corner Online strongly believe in having the right training programmes in place to ensure the staff can carry out their roles to the best of their abilities in a safe and legal manner. Our training support will be provided at every opportunity to allow the switch over to go as smoothly as possible.

Our training will include but not be limited to the MultiMeds and EMAR system. We will also cover basic medication training, how to manage and report side effects, common issues, how to minimise errors and general guidance to how our process will work. All our training will be in compliance with regulatory and CQC requirements.

Care Home Specialist

Pharmacy Corner Online is designed to better suit care-homes than other aspects of pharmacy as we are not open to the general public and specialise in providing medication services to homes. We have taken additional training and have done extensive research to ensure our care home service provision is at the highest quality. We are flexible, innovative and can tailor our service to match the needs of your residents, staff and care-home.

Same Day Delivery Service

We aim to offer a flexible delivery service that caters to residents that are starting new medication by delivering it on the very same day where possible.

Dedicated Support

Each home will have a dedicated manager and pharmacist assigned to them. The manager will liaise with the nursing home and act as a point of call for all general queries. The pharmacist will also be available at all times for any medication related queries. This is to ensure expert advice is always available from a highly skilled healthcare professional.

Everyday Access

We at Pharmacy Corner Online do not take a day off. The health of a resident can deteriorate at any time of the year. Be it Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve or a Bank Holiday, our support will be available to you.

24/7 Support

At Pharmacy Corner Online, we operate an out-of-hours service in the event the dispensary is closed and urgent medication is required. This service extends to medication related advice to ensure you have access to expert advice through-out the week, be it day or night.

Medication Reconciliation

Pharmacy Corner Online are able to update any medication changes following a residents stay in hospital or appointment. This will be done effectively and immediately as we will work in close contact with your GP Surgery.

Regular Medicine Reviews & Audits

We will be conducting regular audits at the care-home in compliance with the regulations. These can be announced or unannounced as to provide a real audit experience.

Delivery System

All monthly medications will be checked into the home personally by the Pharmacy Corner Online Care-Home Manager. Our deliveries will be pre-arranged to a written schedule and will arrive a week in advance of the previous cycle end-date. This not only saves a lot of time and hassle but allows for a stress-free environment.

MultiMeds MDS System

At Pharmacy Corner Online, we can offer the MultiMeds MDS system. This innovative system allows for multi-dosing into individual pods. You don’t have to spend valuable time trying to identify which patient needs what drugs. You simply peel off the seal and pass to the resident for taking eliminating the need for the carer to come into contact with the medications and reducing risk of infection. It is simple, safe and efficient.

Each MultiMeds™ tray is easily identified by the following criteria:

• Patient colour photo
• Name, address and date of birth
• Colour coded for the relevant drug round and MAR chart
• Name of doctor and supplying pharmacy
• Colour photo of medication within the tray
• Name, strength, dose information of each drug
• Mandatory directions and GP directions for each drug

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