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No more waiting, no more queues

We bring to you a new kind of pharmacy where you don't go to the pharmacy but the pharmacy comes to you. All your pharmacy needs can be met to you at the comfort of your home.

It's all for free so why not make the most of it. It will take you less than five minutes to sign up with our super simple sign up page.

Why Join Pharmacy Corner?

You might be wondering why you should join us over your usual high street pharmacy or the down the street. Let us help you.
Responsive Team
We have very responsive team who strive to provide our patients with an above and beyond service. This means you can get in touch with one our team members through-out the day, with no delays.

We have a dedicated team to answer our phone lines. That means no queues or waiting in line. We even take messages for after hours so that we can respond to your queries and problems at the earliest convenience.

Bespoke Delivery Service
Our delivery response is almost effective immediate as we often use our personal drivers where possible rather than a courier which can cause delays in your medication reaching you in time.

This also means you can change your point of delivery at anytime, even on the day you're medication is due.

Our service is available through-out the year, for everybody, at no cost. So if you, or a loved one might struggle this winter, we are here to help.

A Personal Touch
We as a pharmacy try to make a personal connection with all our patients. It is important to us that despite not coming to see our team in person, you feel comfortable talking to us about all your medication and health-care related problems.

Pharmacies are the first-line of care within the NHS. Our staff are trained to listen to all your health-related issues and are available to guide you to get the help you need.

Healthcare Information

If you are interested in healthcare information, please check out our healthcare section below
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